Getting Started

1. Install concrete5 on your server

we asume that you have already install Concrete5. If you've not done yet then get latest copy from Download page.

2. Unzip & Install the Package

Once your concrete5 install, then simply unzip the 'theme_intimo' package and place it in the root 'packages' directory within your install. Next, log in to your website and then click on 'Install' from under the 'Dashboard' menu. You will now see the 'Intimo Theme' package awaiting install; click 'install'. After several seconds a message should appear telling you the package has been successfully installed.

3. Activate the Theme?

Don't active the theme if you want this theme only on one page.

How to create a page with Intimo Theme?

  1. Create a new page - then visit created page. Then hover on "Edit" Button and click on "Design". You will See "Intimo theme" below "Page Types". Select "Intimo Theme" and then hit on "Save" button.
  2. Then refresh page so you can see applied theme. You will see white screen with footer. Now theme is activated for this page.

Create your first block

Add to Main area "add new content block" insert heading 1 and heading 2 and give it align center from editor and click on "Add" button. Now click on block and Select "Design" you must have to add background Color or background Image to enable full height block. Add background color and hit on "save" button and then "Publish my changes"button. Now you see your first screen with full screen background color with title text. same as demo first block...

How to add multiple block in one screen background?

Create a new "Stack", then add blocks in to this, then come back to page and click "Add Stack" and select your stack that you have created... After inserting Stack on page click on stack and  select "Design" and go to background and insert background color or background image so that whole stack will cover in background or image.

How to create a gallery?

  1. We have used "Sortable Responsive Gallery" in demo theme... please download from marketplace and install which you are compatible with. Now create a new "Stack" for gallery insert first "Content Block" insert Gallery heading and Short Description, then add new "Block" select "Sortable Responsive Gallery" and select gallery images from sets.  Save "Stack" and come back to page, Now add "Stack" select Gallery Stack that you have made earlier... now Click on "Design" and Go to background and add background color or Image....

NOTE: Every Block & Stack on page must need to add background image or color from "Design -> Background" to enable full screen height layout...

How to change font color?

Click on Block that you want to change font color, select "Design" and "Fonts" tab you will see color in Fonts section now you can select color from color palate.

How to remove full height from block?

Click on "Block" and select "Design" now select "CSS" tab and you will see "CSS Class Name(s):" below that please add "nofull" and hit on "Save" button and publish your change.