Christmas Theme Documentation

Getting Started

1. Install concrete5 on your server

we asume that you have already install Concrete5. If you've not done yet then get latest copy from Download page.

2. Unzip & Install the Package

Once your concrete5 install, then simply unzip the 'theme_xmas' package and place it in the root 'packages' directory within your install. Next, log in to your website and then click on 'Install' from under the 'Dashboard' menu. You will now see the 'Xmas Theme' package awaiting install; click 'install'. After several seconds a message should appear telling you the package has been successfully installed.

3. Activate the Theme

Click on 'Themes' under the 'Pages & Themes' section from within your 'Dashboard'. In the list of themes you should now see 'Xmas Theme', click 'Activate' and then confirm you wish to do this by clicking 'OK'.

how to add your logo?

By default 'Xmas Theme' shows your sites name as your 'Logo' in the 'Header'- you can easily update your own image instead. see below step to do the same...

  1. Click Dashboard > blocks > stacks You will see 'Site Name' Stack which is created during installation
  2. Click on the 'Site Name' stack and click 'Add Block'
  3. Choose the 'Image' block
  4. Upload and add your logo
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. Click 'Approve Changes'

which slider used on home page?

It is "Whale Nivo Slider", Simple, responsive and minimalystic slider based on JQuery Nivo Slider, Contain 4 themes, lots of transition effects and plenty of settings.

how to add page list slider on home page or anywhere?

1. It is Page List Block

Add "Page List" Block, Then Find Filter and Check "Featured pages only." Slider will only render  which has "Is_Featured" Attribute. Then See "Location in website" select "beneath another page" and then select Parent Page that you want to add page list.

2. From Where I can find "Is_featured" attribute?

Go to Sub Page of Parent Page For Example Left Sidebar Page that is under Page Type. So I am going to view Left Sidebar Page. Then hit on "Properties" Link which is under Edit dropdown, then click on custom attributes. Scroll down a little bit you will find "Is_Featured" Attribute on left side. Click on it and Checked it.

3. Page List Slider Thumbnail

Continue with above points you will also find "Page List Thumbnail" attribute, click on it and insert image and "Save" dialog box.

See Below Three Images related to above points

how to add snow fall effect on page?

On the Top Left Hover over "Edit" Link And Click On "Properties" link and then "Custom Attributes" as mention above, you will see "Show Christmas Flakes" just click and checked it as shown above image.

how to change page background image?

On the Top Left Hover over "Edit" Link And Click On "Properties" link and then "Custom Attributes" as mention above, you will see "Background Image" Attribute just click and upload image and hit save button as shown above image.

Custom Styles in Content Editor

  • footeraddress (See footer address text , i have use this class, for that select text and then click on "Styles" dropdown and select "footeraddress")
  • footerphonenumber (This class could be use to highlight phone number.. See Footer Last Column Phone Number)
  • footermailLink (See Footer Email Link Style)
  • lobsterFont (In this page all question fonts style are "lobsterFont")
  • highlightedbox (See Typography Last Paragraph, to do so just select paragraph and apply this class from Styles Dropdown)

how to add white box like this page has?

Simple add "Content Block" then add your desire content after that "Save" block and then again click on same Block -> Design -> CSS and Add class name "whitebox".